Low-intensity electrostimulation reestablishes erectile function after prostatectomy

16 March 2022


A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that Comphya’s implantable neurostimulator does not only allow on-demand penile erection, but could also promote natural recovery

Lausanne, Switzerland March 16th, 2022. Prostate removal leads to erectile dysfunction due to the inevitable damage of the nerves triggering penile erection during surgery. Surgeons often attempt to perform nerve-sparing surgery, but some degree of nerve damage is inevitable even with robotic assisted surgery. In consequence, 70-90% of patients undergoing radical prostatectomy develop erectile dysfunction.

Some patients may slowly recover erectile function. However, years without penile erection lead to irreversible damage. Lack of oxygenation of the erectile tissue leads to fibrosis, deteriorating penile structures and progressive worsening of erectile dysfunction, with consequent permanent condition. Therefore, the preservation of tissue oxygenation via regular penile erections is key to avoid such deterioration processes.

A study authored by Dr. Arthur Burnett’s group at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine published March 11, 2022, (link to access the article: https://authors.elsevier.com) shows that neurostimulation could potentially promote the recovery of the natural erectile function. This would be a benefit in addition to treating erectile dysfunction by evoking on-demand penile erection.

“This is exciting work that suggests the potential utility of an implantable neurostimulator for enhancing recovery of erectile function after radical prostatectomy”, said Nikos Stergiopulos, co-author of the study, CSO and co-founder of Comphya.

“This is the first study to investigate the effect of low-intensity stimulation on recovery of erectile function. The data clearly suggests that it may speed up the recovery of natural erection following nerve injury such as prostatectomy and preserve erectile tissue”, commented Mikael Sturny, co-author of the study, CTO and co-founder of Comphya.

“These data are key evidence of the potential benefit of CaverSTIM to post-prostatectomy patients. CaverSTIM will support penile rehabilitation by preserving oxygenation via maintenance of regular erections and speed up recovery by promoting nerve-regeneration”, said Rodrigo Fraga-Silva, co-author of the study, CEO and co-founder of Comphya. “Our team is excited for the upcoming clinical trials”.

About CaverSTIM

CaverSTIM is the first implantable neurostimulator to restore erectile function, This new technology is primarily intended for patients that are non-responders to oral drugs such as spinal cord injured patients or post-prostatectomy patients. CaverSTIM is a neurostimulation system composed of an implantable pulse generator (IPG), containing the rechargeable battery and electronics responsible for the generation of the electrostimulation signal; and connected to two electrodes array (with several electrodes) to be implanted in the pelvic cavity and which will activate and restores the nerves responsible for penile erection. The IPG is implanted subcutaneously in the lower abdomen and it is remotely operated by external controllers. The clinician controller allows the medical expert to adjust and tailor the system parameters to best fit each patient; and the patient controller allows the patient to activate the device on-demand to evoke penile erection for the treatment.

About Comphya SA

Comphya is a medical device company based in Lausanne, Switzerland, developing CaverSTIM, the first implantable device to restore erectile function in patients non-responsive to oral drugs. Today, these patients resort to intrapenile injections or penile implants, which are the only available yet painful, problematic and outdated therapies. Comphya’s patented solution offers a unique and superior treatment for erectile dysfunction. The company’s goal is to offer physiological sexual function and quality of life to large parts of the male population in great need.

For more information, visit www.comphya.com.


Comphya SA

Rodrigo Fraga-Silva, PhD

CEO & Co-founder