Comphya adds top clinicians as advisors

29 September 2022


A pioneer in robotic surgery and two leading authorities in men’s sexual health join Comphya’s Clinical Advisory Board. This gives the startup a global clinical presence and advances its goal of bringing a better therapeutic solution to non-responders to oral drugs.

Lausanne, Switzerland, September 28th, 2022. Swiss medtech startup Comphya strengthens its clinical advisory board with three scientific experts. Dr. Anthony Costello is a pioneer in robotic surgery for radical prostatectomy, and a leading name in the field. He has performed over 2’600 cases of robotic radical prostatectomy. Dr. François Giuliano is a renowned clinical scientist with his main focus on sexual health and non-malignant diseases of the lower urinary tract. He is also a recognized authority on spinal cord injury patient’s urology care. Dr. Sidney Glina is a world authority in men’s health. His scientific work is mainly focused on urology surgery, acting mainly in prostatectomy, erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

Comphya develops CaverSTIM, the first implantable neurostimulator to restore erectile function in non-responders to oral drugs. Its Clinical Advisory Board provides guidance and a cross-discipline perspective on the best scientific and clinical development of CaverSTIM.

“We are honored to work with such a group of excellence. Each of our clinical and scientific advisors brings incredible knowledge and expertise in their fields. They are supporting Comphya to bring a better solution to patients” said Rodrigo Fraga, CEO and co-founder of Comphya. “With this clinical advisory team Comphya embraces a holistic scientific approach to improve the treatment of erectile dysfunction and establish a global presence”.

Co-founder Professor Nikos Stergiopulos, CSO, commented: “At Comphya, we are developing the next major innovation in the surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction. Excellence can be delivered only if backed by profound knowledge of the clinical problem and the science behind. Our clinical board is formed by world-renowned experts in their field. Very excited to have them on board”.

Dr. François Giuliano, commented: “I look forward to work with this excellent team in men’s health and support bringing forward a unique technology which makes a lot of sense from a physiological perspective. I am also very excited to starting the clinical trials activities here in France”

Dr. Sidney Glina, added: “It’s really exciting to be working with this excellent scientific committee and support the clinical development of a promising technology, which may benefit many people. I look forward to start the clinical trial here in Brazil”

Comphya Clinical Advisory Board is comprised of renowned scientific experts in urology, highly skilled in men’s health:

  • Arthur L. Burnett, M.D. (Chairman of the Board), professor of Urology, at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, US.


  • Jürgen Pannek, M.D. (Board Member), professor at the University of Bern and neuro-urologist at the Swiss Paraplegic Center (SPZ), Nottwil, Switzerland.


  • Sidney Glina, M.D. (Board Member), Head of Department of Urology at School of Medicine of Federal University of ABC, Sao Paulo, Brazil.


  • François Giuliano, M.D. (Board Member), PhD professor at University of Versailles Saint Quentin-en-Yvelines, France.


  • Anthony Costello, M.D. (Board Member), professional fellow and former Head Department of Urology, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, affiliated with Department of Surgery, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia.


About CaverSTIM

CaverSTIM is the first implantable neurostimulator to restore erectile function. This new technology is primarily intended for patients that are non-responders to oral drugs such as spinal cord injured patients or post-prostatectomy patients. CaverSTIM is a neurostimulation system composed of an implantable pulse generator (IPG), containing the rechargeable battery and electronics responsible for the generation of the electrostimulation signal; and connected to two electrodes array (with several electrodes) to be implanted in the pelvic cavity and which will activate and restore the nerves responsible for penile erection. The IPG is implanted subcutaneously in the lower abdomen and it is remotely operated by external controllers. The clinician controller allows the medical expert to adjust and tailor the system parameters to best fit each patient; and the patient controller, allows the patient to activate the device on-demand to evoke penile erection for the treatment.

About Comphya SA

Comphya is a medical device company based in Lausanne, Switzerland, developing CaverSTIM, the first implantable device to restore erectile function in patients non-responsive to oral drugs. Today, these patients resort to intrapenile injections or penile implants, which are the only available yet painful, problematic and outdated therapies. Comphya’s patented solution offers a unique and superior treatment for erectile dysfunction. The company’s goal is to offer physiological sexual function and quality of life to large parts of the male population in great need.

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Rodrigo Fraga-Silva, PhD

CEO & Co-founder